Igniting Learning for Over Two Decades

For more than 20 years, John Tolsma and his teams at Knowledge Launch have been at the forefront of transforming corporate learning. Armed with a wealth of experience, John, a Duke and Harvard-educated lawyer and MBA, envisioned a future where corporate education pushed beyond traditional boundaries and fostered more engaging and meaningful experiences. From one-on-one coaching with senior executives to orchestrating live learning events for thousands, Knowledge Launch crafts turnkey solutions, infusing life into learning for companies worldwide.

Tailored solutions. Enduring impact.

What sets Knowledge Launch apart is our dedication to customization. No two engagements with Knowledge Launch are alike. We specialize in crafting experiences that resonate with your industry and meet your unique needs. Whether it’s a retreat for senior executives or a dynamic learning hub at a trade show, our team meticulously tailors solutions to deliver impactful and enduring results.

Experience the Future of Corporate Education

Dive into the future of corporate education with Knowledge Launch. Our immersive simulations and detailed case studies offer real-world perspectives, showcasing their transformative power. Beyond conventional education, we act as strategic partners, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. At Knowledge Launch, learning isn’t just explored; it’s a dynamic force, propelling your organization into a new era of innovation and strategy. Experience the evolution of education with us.

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