Our Immersive Simulations

Benefits of Immersive Simulations

  • Allows for tailored learning experiences for each participant rather than assuming a “one size fits all” experience
  • Creates space for participants to lose themselves in the learning process rather than trying to explain away or rationalize behavior in the actual context they operate
  • Provides flexibility to focus on specific learning objectives for each program
  • Gives a stage for practicing behaviors rather than simply considering or learning frameworks
  • Drives relevant corporate methodologies by being content agnostic; clients insert content into the simulation process so that the approach feels aligned to corporate initiatives
  • Embeds lessons deeply into participants’ day-to-day actions
  • Cements commitment to act

The Runway

  • Highlighting the importance of synergies across business lines
  • Seeing a visceral example of the presence or absence of collaboration
  • Utilizing information, trends and resources to meet your customer’s needs

Participants enter a workshop where several mannequins are set around the room. A fashion designer emerges and asks the teams to help choose the marquis pieces for the Spring Collection of her new line. Each of the teams are assigned to a category of the ensemble. Using facts about the client, trends and demographic data about the target market, teams choose an item that best meet the needs of the customer. There are items within each category that work together and some that clash badly without proper collaboration. Groups submit their category option so that the designer can comment on each of the final pieces. Lights go down and music begins where a model walks down a small runway to show off the ensemble with all of the pieces together. The fashion designer and the orchestrator debrief how we can execute flawlessly against the objectives of our individual silos.

  • How do we best meet the needs of our customer based on the data we have?
  • How can we break down the barriers that keep our teams in silos?
  • What does it look like when we put collaboration at the forefront of what we do?

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The Transition

  • Combining different skills and personalities for an effective team
  • Understanding goals and challenges to align people
  • Utilizing the information at hand to make important decisions

Using information and video-based profiles of leaders, teams are assigned to put together the cabinet for an incoming Presidential administration. Teams are provided with a series of goals and specific challenges for the incoming administration. Then, teams choose key staff positions. The reveal at the end of the high-pressure exercise compares the different decisions made by teams.

  • What process do you use to arrive at a decision?
  • How do you leverage different skills to mold a diverse team?
  • How can you identify the right people for the right challenge?

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The Acquistion

  • Finding opportunity in disruption
  • Designing creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Thinking ahead of the headline

Participants enter a cocktail party with champagne and festive music. Bob Bowers, the investment banker for a major conglomerate, announces a toast to celebrate an acquisition. Without saying the name of the acquired firm, he touts the long history, impact on the capital markets and opportunities the merger will create. At the end of his speech, he says, “…and for all of these reasons, your competition is better positioned than ever.” As he leaves, he challenges the group to respond to the game changing acquisition with an even more dynamic move.

  • How can leaders anticipate change and adapt?
  • How do we use disruption to challenge teams?
  • What are the current and future risks that our competitors and economic landscape present?

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FIFA World Cup Bid

  • Defining asset value
  • Collaborating to create enhanced value
  • Teaming to win

Three to six teams each represent a country that is bidding for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Through case studies and various live and virtual interactions with stakeholders and sponsors, teams must determine how to best articulate their available resources in order to satisfy multiple interests. A winner is chosen after each team presents its bid and a debrief follows to highlight applications.

  • How do teams compound value through creativity and collaboration?
  • How do we extract opportunity using a growth mindset?
  • What matters most to stakeholders and how do I prioritize them?

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The NOW! Network

  • Balancing creativity and execution under a tight deadline
  • Teaming across multiple stages of a project
  • Testing skills outside of your normal day-to-day work

In the Now! Network experience, participants are thrown into the fast-paced world of network television programming. Working in teams, they must ultimately create a primetime lineup of four televisions shows, secure funding for those shows, oversee the creation of show logos and pitch the live line-up to a network executive. The teams must strive to exceed their client’s expectations in a world that is far outside their comfort zones. At the end of the day-long simulation, a debrief draws similarities between exceeding client expectations within the participants’ industry and the industry they’ve just experienced.

  • How do we best divide and conquer in turbulent times?
  • What does brainstorming and creativity look like in a tight window?
  • How can our skillset translate outside of our comfort zone?

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Walls That Talk

  • Storytelling in action
  • Visioning future results
  • Being an ambassador of the firm

Participants enter an interactive gallery of fact filled walls, which describe the business units of the firm as well as recent successes and strategic initiatives. The gallery is set up as an intimate evening reception to ensure energy and conversation. As participants move around the space, however, they realize that only one thing is missing: a personal tour guide through each of the respective areas. At this point, the rules of the game are introduced. The participants themselves become docents of the gallery and introduce their fellow participants to the stories and strategies that define the future of their business unit.

  • Do our people and teams know the “why” behind what we do?
  • How can we move from presenting to storytelling?
  • What are the differentiators that make us and our firm unique to position us for success in the future?

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  • Identifying the forces and trends impacting the business
  • Providing a vehicle to become versed on a topic in minutes
  • Collaborating to discover weaknesses and potential implications

The Versed app is a Knowledge Launch proprietary tool that provides a digital landscape for participants to stay up to speed on the forces and trends shaping business today. Using the app during a learning event, participants will be encouraged to explore the app and take quizzes throughout the week leading up to a session on the final day. During the live session, the focus is on turning a shifting landscape into strategy. Participants will be in three to five groups and will be assigned one of the megatrends. Working in teams, they will explore the topics and report out following group discussions on the trends most impacting their business.

  • How can we develop a personal responsibility in upskilling our business acumen?
  • What are we doing from a research perspective to ensure we’re up to speed on the trends most impacting our business?
  • How do we keep our teams accountable to have these discussions regularly?

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Innovation Hub

  • Exploring features and benefits
  • Empowering people to upskill on new technologies
  • Showcasing the excitement around new tools

The innovation hub is a fun, immersive environment and builds excitement among participants through live demonstrations and informative conversations. Using highly visual LED walls, television demo stations, sleek furniture and creative lighting, the environment is set to create an “Apple Store” like feel that aligns with the innovative experience. The innovation hub offers the opportunity for clients to spread the word, initiate learning, and allow for current feedback and other conversations around what is being showcased. A live “rover reporter” may also appear on all of the screens and speakers at certain times for a live check-in with some of the participants to get reactions and share new tips.

  • How do I create a culture for exploring new tools?
  • How can I generate buy-in for the technologies that will impact our business?
  • How can we team for success in adopting technologies?

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Plenary Production

Knowledge Launch is a turnkey live event production company. We’ve produced meetings from 15 participants to 3000 participants. Production services include audio visual support as well as onsite consulting and coaching to key presenters.


We develop full exhibits for live events to further branding goals. From on on-site signage to experiential immersion spaces, Knowledge Launch ties the messaging goals of the program to concepts that fully integrate with the architectural elements of the space.

Media Production

Knowledge Launch prides itself on cross platform, compelling media creation. From videos to digital platforms to interactive tools, our creative, yet cost efficient model for production allows us to deliver real value to clients that aligns with their overall strategy.